Photojournalism has taken me to places, introduced me to people and given me life experiences a ‘regular’ job never could.  

Forty-five plus years on the road photographing life in all its aspects has been an extraordinary privilege. The experiences, and the learning are ongoing. I love every minute of it still.

Thankfully I was literally gifted this career as a 15 year-old as a cadet photographer in country NSW at the Northern Daily Leader (NDL), Tamworth.

It’s doubtful the two fuzzy B+W ‘aerial’ photos of our little dachshund looking like a fat grey worm with ears in the grass got me the job and more likely the influence of a journo friend of my brother’s. Either way the NDL clearly recognised talent (not) when they saw it, although four years later they sacked me for a lack of it.

At some point after my early debacle I came good, developed an ‘eye’, some skills, a social conscience, a personality and the craft that is photojournalism started to make sense to me. As more opportunities and life experiences came my way the more I realised the power of a good photograph.

From then to now I have photographed people from all walks of life. Among them heads of state, world leaders of government and religion, crooks and murderers, the super rich and the desperately poor, captains of business and industry, international celebrities, actors, authors, scientists, sports stars and more often than not, the ordinary man, woman and child in the street.

Also, events of all types including coup d’états, presidential, prime ministerial, royal and papal visits, election campaigns, great sporting contests and anything else called ‘news’ on a regular basis and a few awards along the way.

Australia’s oldest and most respected newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, provided me with many of these opportunities, however working as a freelance corporate and documentary photographer since 2007 has also created a new and exciting direction for me.

My clients include The Lowy Institute, Westpac, NSW Public Service Commission, St George Bank, University of Technology Sydney, University of NSW, Westfield, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Veolia Australia, IVF Australia, NORCO Milk, Temora Aviation Museum, MLC, Cochlear, Canning’s Corporate Communications, Ogilvy PR, Bush Heritage Australia, Sydney Opera House, Property Council of Australia, United States Studies Centre and several best selling authors.